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Clinician returns in today’s garb

28 Jan, 2016, 06:00AM IST
PANJIM: Three decades after it stopped publication, the ‘Clinician’ is back. The medical journal is being re-launched on Thursday and will be called ‘Today’s Clinician’.
The medical journal has a long history with it being first published in 1936 in Portuguese by the late Pascoal Menezes. Called ‘O Clinico’ the journal had a run till 1967, when it began to be published in English under the title ‘The Clinician’. 
“We salute the first publisher, late Pascoal Menezes, doyen of the pharma industry in Goa for his vision, of launching the journal ‘O Clinico’ almost a century back and who like all visionary leaders for initiating ideas that do more than remain relevant, and continue to be progressive and ground breaking even today,” says the statement from the publishers ‘Trust of Clinician’ headed by Cesar Menezes.
Once launched in English the journal went beyond the borders of Goa. “In the course of time, with the emergence of the electronic media, which decreased the demand for printed journals, the publication consequently closed in 1990,” says the statement from the trust.
The journal will now cover articles on novel medical research, bio-technology, bio-medical engineering as well as alternative medicine such as ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, case studies, health, nutrition and yoga.The publication will selectively identify articles for publication from contributors in their respective field of medicine and ensure that the information is relevant to modern day practice of medicine. The journal will also be open to doctors to publish research and case studies and will have an all India circulation.
The publishers hope ‘Today’s Clinician’ will meet the needs and aspirations of doctors across the country.