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‘Today’s Clinician’ is being designed, developed, and published for today’s clinicians. Clinicians cover a broad spectrum – undergraduate, postgraduate, super specialists and those with subspecialist degrees and clinical experience.


The field of medicine has advanced, transformed and upgraded and is undergoing a tremendous change. Medical practice should essentially be need and evidence based, holistically curative, preventive and rehabilitative, with the patients wellbeing being the topmost priority. Sadly however there has been a tendency of medical diagnosis and treatment being driven primarily on financial considerations rather than the patients wellbeing and affordability. Nevertheless, medicine is progressing exponentially and the benefits must reach the patient. Propagation and dissemination of the recent advances in medicine, sharing new findings and knowledge sharing with as many medical and health professionals as possible is the key moto of this journal.


Major spheres in medicine with various changes is endeavoured to be covered. Medical diagnosis and treatment is continuously evolving, and we have new generation tests, new generation genes and DNA sequencing, new generation ideas, new generation research, new generation learning and teaching and new generation technology. Traditional methods of history taking, inspection, palpation and auscultation have been replaced by modern gadgets, instruments and technology. With the growth of computers and information technology, medical technology has developed considerably. Advances will continue, and we will need to change our mindset and practices to keep pace. The explosion of available information on the internet has led to many patients surfing the net seeking information about diseases, diagnosis and treatment, which has added a fair share of pressure on the medical practitioner who often needs the patience to explain misinterpretations.


A doctor is a student throughout life. Medical journals share and update knowledge, and serve as a platform to publish new findings, new studies, new observations, rare cases and new results, which forms the base for medical diagnosis and treatment not only today but for the future as well.


We do hope the journal makes an informed and interesting reading.


Editor: R.G. Wiseman Pinto