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Todays Clinician offers a platform to reach out to the correct audience to showcase your products and offerings – a medium without any parallel. And Get Benefit of online Advertising with Print Advertisement absolutely free. 


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Get India’s most influential community on your side

Many of our readers are leaders in their chosen fields, shaping the irresistible India growth story

Issue Calendar for 2017-2018

Issue no. Issue Date
1 Jan 2017
2 Apr 2017
3 Jul 2017
4 Oct 2017
5 Jan 2018
6 Apr 2018
7 Jul 2018
8 Oct 2018


  1. Full Page
  2. Double spread
  3. Outside Back Cover
  4. Inside Back Cover
  5. Inside Back Cover


Full page – Bleed

209 mm(W) x 273 mm(H)

Full page – Non Bleed

180 mm(W) x 245 mm(H)


Double spread – Bleed

418 mm(W) x 273 mm(H)

Double spread – Non Bleed

385 mm(W) x 245 mm(H)


a. Please include final cut marks on all pages.

b. Pages need to be sent form wise.

c. Bleed Margin : 3mm each on over and above cut marks.

d. 6mm gutter for double spread.

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